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[audio]The telegraph - A wire around the world - ABC Radio National
Morse code suceeds around the time Napolean is doing Europe
Keywords: morse code
Downloads: 707
[audio]Learning morse code - ABC Radio National
ABC Radio National podcast excerpt
Keywords: morse code
Downloads: 423
[audio]cq natural 2
CQ Call with Natural Timing Errors
Keywords: Morse Code CQ
Downloads: 102
[audio]cq strict
CQ Call with no timing variations
Keywords: Morse Code CQ
Downloads: 115
[audio]cq call
cq sequence at 16 wpm with a lot of random timing fluctutation
Keywords: Morse Code CQ
Downloads: 46
[audio]piece #45 - Gokkuchan (aka Martin Amek)
This is a piece consisting of "summaries" of six different news about the economics in Bulgaria, the upcoming (now past) elections for prime minister and the extreme nationalism shown on them, done in bulgarian morse code. http://www.myspace.com/gokkuchan
Keywords: morse code; elections; economics
Downloads: 43
[audio]morse code
this is a morse code for my blog http://thenhams.blogspot.com
Keywords: morse code about tara
Downloads: 173
[audio]cq natural
CQ at 16 wpm with natural timing variation
Keywords: Morse Code CQ
Downloads: 55
[audio]Morse Code message
A message heard over the radio last night.
Keywords: morse code CQD SOS morse code weak signal static
Downloads: 226
Here is an example of how audio morse code tones sound over the internet using a voice chat program called MUMBLE. To send the morse code we are using FLdigi and CWtype. You can use your paddles to send cw as this mp3 example demonstrates via the CWtype serial port hookup for paddles. FLdigi sends cw via the keyboard. Both keyboard and paddles are used in this example. For more information, go to https://sites.google.com/site/icwoip/
Keywords: internet cw; internet morse code; cw; morse code
Downloads: 3,301
[audio]Episode 01 - Toby Crowley
The first episode in a limited run podcast I'm making mostly for myself (and, hopefully, for my family) in an attempt to review morse code as I learn it.
Keywords: morse code; amateur radio; podcast
Downloads: 3
Downloads: 23
[movies]Super randomforum - Morse Code At 112.7000 Mhz ( April 29, 2012 538 PM) - Super RandomForum
I can't remember I shared this video yet... 2 years ago I found this morse code and forgot about it.If anyone can translate the morse code into text I would be happy!
Keywords: Morse code; radio; air; scanner
Downloads: 8
[audio]IUMA: M.O.R.S.E CODE
Combined of 3mcs, M.O.R.S.E CODE (Mind On Real Shit Everyday), is redefining west coast rap by delivering a sound that is undeniably unique. Since 1998 M-Code has been blazing Portland's underground circut, establishing themselves as local favorites, peforming at major promotional events in their hometown, and through out Washington, also appearing on Portland's local radio station, 95.5FM. Continuous efforts in the studio prepares M-Code for the release of thier fist independet project, "The M....
Keywords: M.O.R.S.E CODE
Downloads: 14
[audio]Episode 02
Me and Mr. Morse Podcast episode 02
Keywords: morse code; koch method; idiot podcast
Downloads: 2
[audio]Cuckoo Radio, Caged Songs Sung (tick tock tick) - Ven Voisey
"Cuckoo Radio, Caged Songs Sung (tick tock tick)" is an art installation by Ven Voisey created for the city of Pittsfield's 2008/2009 Artscape exhibition. 12 short songs were composed for 12 hours of the day. Daily, from 9 a.m. till 8 p.m., 12 bird cages mounted to a light post in downtown Pittsfield sing these songs every hour, on the hour.
Keywords: sound installation, morse code, ven voisey
Downloads: 1,037
[audio]Morse Code Class - Lesson 37 - "Spider Ham" - W5AAN, W9VE, KM5Z, KE5ICX
The secret life of spiders. Tonight's code practice.
Keywords: Morse Code Class - Lesson 37 - Spider Ham
Downloads: 42
MORSE CODE MP3 AT 60wpm of the first chapter of THE BOOK OF GOD THE BIBLE AS A NOVEL
Downloads: 86
[audio]Maritime Morse Coast Station Markers - Shirl Joseph Prewitt, W0TUT and David J. Ring, Jr., N1EA
Maritime Morse Coast Station Markers submitted by Radio Officer S.J. "Joe" Prewitt, W0TUT of Panama Beach City, Florida. You will hear the high frequency - HF - markers used by coastal wireless Morse Code telegraphy stations world-wide. Stations all over the world were recorded. These signals were sent when the station was listening for calls from ships on the high frequency bands.
Keywords: WT; Coast Station; Morse Code; markers; HF
Downloads: 444
[audio]Radio Recording 05/Sept/2012
A very odd and eerie thing I heard on the radio
Keywords: radio eerie sound morse code red alert
Downloads: 3,716
[audio]THE BOOK OF GOD(in morse code 55wpm) chap1:ABRAHAM
This is a [TEXT TO MORSE CODE mp3] file of the first chapter of the book: THE BOOK OF GOD, THE BIBLE AS A NOVEL chapter 1, ABRAHAM
Downloads: 158
[audio]iCW qrq cw NET 3-6-2010 - iCW: Internet CW
This is a recording of one of our earlier iCW QRQcw NETs on 3.6.2010. Several iCW OPS were present using several different methods to send morse code over the internet on iCW using mumble, FLdigi, CWtype, and a custom sine wave cw code oscillator. For more information please see: https://sites.google.com/site/icwoip/
Keywords: iCW; qrq; qrqcw; morse code; cw
Downloads: 866
[audio]iCW qrq cw NET 3-6-2010(half speed) - iCW: Internet CW
This is the same recording of one of our earlier iCW QRQcw NETs on 3.6.2010, only the speed has been reduced by half using AUDACITY for qrs playback. Several iCW OPS were present using several different methods to send morse code over the internet on iCW using mumble, FLdigi, CWtype, and a custom sine wave cw code oscillator. For more information please see: https://sites.google.com/site/icwoip/
Keywords: iCW; qrq; qrqcw; morse code; cw
Downloads: 829
[audio]DARC Morse Code Class on the Air - Class 2 "E, T, A, and N" - ke5icx
DARC Morse Code Class on the Air - Class 2 - "Dit's and Dah's" Net Control: Kathern KE5ZCM Alternating "Dits" and "Dahs" Dah's are 3X's the sound proportionally? Maybe - maybe not. Sending speed - 3 to 5 words per minute is the goal. Calculate the average word is 5 letters. Recognizing Morse Code characters is pay attention to the rhythm to the sounds. String of "dits" Now you've learned "E". Now write it down and tell us how many you heard...
Keywords: DARC morse code cw ke5icx ke5zcm
Downloads: 40
[audio]Morse Code Class - Lesson 31 - Kyoto QSO - W5AAN, W9VE, KM5Z, KE5ICX
More QSO read back and some historical comments!
Keywords: Morse code Class Lesson 31 - QSO's from Japan
Downloads: 35
[audio]I2RTF Pietro Begali sending Morse Code on his Intrepid semi-automatica key - David J. Ring, Jr., N1EA
Pietro Begali, famous Morse key maker using his wonderful Intrepid semi-automatic key as received at amateur radio station N1EA located in Green Harbor, Massachusetts, USA 31 March 2012 on the frequency band of 14 MHz.
Keywords: i2rtf; pietro begali; intrepid; morse code; bruna
Downloads: 439
[texts]TM 11-459 - U.S. Army
1943 United States Army Technical Manual TM 11-459 Instructions for Learning International Morse Characters.
Keywords: Morse Code; radio; ham radio; amateur radio; technical manual; WWII
Downloads: 32
[audio]5 Star Qrq Cw Net Live Recording - edited by aa0hw
This is a live recording of a past cw net with a few of the 5 Star Qrq Cw Club operators on HF Radio.
Keywords: qrq; qrqcw; 5 star; cw net; cw; morse code
Downloads: 245
[audio]SS Marine Electric / WOOH SOS - USCG / Digitized by N1EA
Distress radio traffic, 500 kHz from SS Marine Electric, call sign WOOH, SOS as recorded at USCG COMMSTA BOSTON / NMF on February 12, 1983. A transcript of the decoded Morse Code is also available here. See file: Transcript_SOS_WOOH.txt
Keywords: SOS; Marine Electric; wooh; distress; morse code; n1ea
Downloads: 658
[audio]William B. Gould, III: Wireless Radio Pioneer. His 500 kHz Recordings of March 196 - William B. Gould, III, John Dilks, David J. Ring, Jr.
WILLIAM B GOULD III, Radio Pioneer - amateur radio call signs 1NP, W1NP, K2NP Born on March 14, 1902. Radio Engineer, Radio Officer, USA Flag, US Army until retirement. He made a series of tape recordings of 500 kc/s in 1966 during March. He was very much a pioneer not only for his being the first Negro which is now called black, radio engineer of a radio station and radio officer at sea, but for his visionary work with communications and electronics with United States Army...
Keywords: morse code; ship; coast station; marine; CW; black; negro; radio; wireless; radio officer; 500 kc/s; 500 kHz; pioneer; morse code
Downloads: 745
[software]Variable-Speed Morse Code - Dick Conklin
Variable-Speed Morse Code, a program for practicing Morse code transmission at various speeds, written in BASIC for the IBM PC running MS-DOS.
Keywords: ibm pc; ms-dos; basic; morse code; cw; ham; amateur radio
Downloads: 9
[audio]DARC Morse Code Class on the Air - Class 26 - (02-14-12) - New Letter "Y" and Question Mark (?) - KE5ZCM
DARC Morse Code Class on the Air - Class 26 - (02-14-12) - New Letter "Y" and Question Mark (?) Net Control: KE5ZCM Warm-up. Instructor read back - numerals first, punctuation, pro signs, letters starting with "A". Did anyone miss any characters? Lots of input questions. (Worth listening to). Whooops - forgot the number "4". Now I'll send "4's" and "BT's". Any requests? What's the AR? And BT? BT = "Break" AR = "Back to you" Time to ID, please hit your PTT! First new character is "Y"! Yankee...
Keywords: DARC; amateur radio; morse code; dallas amateur radio club; KE5ICX; CW; KE5ZCM
Downloads: 21
[audio]DARC Morse Code Class on the Air - Class 20 - Review - KE5ICX
DARC Morse Code Class on the Air - Class 20 - 2-3-12 - Review Net Control: KE5ICX Let's try the characters in order - numerals first and then letters. Now backwards! CHeck your copy! Any special characters? Yes "F". Please copy our most recent 10 characters in groups of "5". Now copy random character groups Line 1. Read back. Line 2. Read back. Line 3. Read back. Now copy some real words. 3 full lines! Student read back...
Keywords: DARC Morse Code Class on the Air - Class 20 - (02-03-12) - Review
Downloads: 29
[audio]Morse Code on the Air Lesson 13 - New letters "G", "K" and the Prosign SK - W5AAN KE5ICX KM5Z W9VE
Plenty of review and the new letters "G", "K", and prosign SK.
Keywords: Morse Code Dallas Amateur Radio Club KE5ICX Lesson 13
Downloads: 38
[audio]DARC Morse Code Class on the Air - Class 16 - Review - KE5ICX
DARC Morse Code Class on the Air - Class 16 - ( 01-01-12) - Review Net Control: KE5ICX Please copy all the characters you know in groups of two, starting with letters, numerals and punctuation. Now let copes some sentences. Student read back. Lot's of sentences. Even more sentences. For the record, this is great copy material. Check ins: 11 Duration: 1:15.
Keywords: DARC Morse Code on the Air - Class 16 - 1-30-12 - Review
Downloads: 46
[audio]Dallas Amateur Radio Club Morse Code Class - Lesson 1 - Ginger W5AAN, KE5ICX, W9VE, KM5Z
This was the first class of 2010 to learn how to receive Morse Code and decode transmissions. This class introduced "dots" and "dashes", discussed good study habit and a first opportunity to "read back" code.
Keywords: Morse Code; CW; DARC; Dallas Amateur Radio Club; KE5ICX
Downloads: 181
[texts]Cryptolog Volume IV Number 4 - National Security Agency
Features: The "Ice Age" and International Security "It's Got To Get Out Today!" by Frances Blank Contemplating Computing Some Thoughts On The Russian P.Q.E. NSA-Crostic No. 7 by L.R. Chauvenet The Last Word On I.A.T.S. by Cecil Phillips Swift/Oliver Aid On Code Reconstruction Flash! 115th S.R.I. Located! by A.J. Salemme Letters To The Editor
Keywords: NSA; Cryptolog; declassified; redacted; umbra; linguists; unclassified; april; top secret; secret umbra; trick chief; morse code
Downloads: 21
[software]Morse Code Practice - Elwood Downey (WB0OEW)
Morse Code Practice, an instructional program for amateur radio operators, written in BASIC for the IBM PC running MS-DOS.
Keywords: ibm pc; ms-dos; basic; morse code; cw; ham; amateur radio
Downloads: 12
[audio]New York Times Morse Wire Last Day 1951 - J. Ralph Graham and David J. Ring, Jr.
A recording of the last day of operation of the New York Times NYC-Washington, DC Times Bureau leased line in 1951. Published by J. Ralph Graham with added introduction by David J. Ring, Jr. who converted the file to electronic format. Side 1 is a recording of a news story sent by telegraphers Jack Goulette and Ralph Cahall over The New York Times Morse wire to the Times telegraph office in New York, at a speed up to 60 words a minute...
Keywords: new york times; morse; leased line; j; american ralph graham; morse code; landline; sounder
Downloads: 767
[texts]Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: A PIC Of An IDer
Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: A PIC Of An IDer
Keywords: pic; ider; program; code; microchip; morse; programmer; mhz; hex; timer; morse code; web site
Downloads: 65
[software]CW Receive - Bob Johnson
CW Receive, a program for receiving and decoding Morse Code, for the IBM PC running MS-DOS.
Keywords: ibm pc; ms-dos; basic; ham; amateur radio; morse code; cw
Downloads: 4
[audio]Arthur C. Goodnow's 600 meter reception in Europe 1974 - Arthur C. Goodnow, W1DM and David J. Ring, Jr., N1EA
Arthur Goodnow, W1DM recording of "600 meter reception in Europe 1974"
Keywords: 500 kc/s; 600m; w1dm; arthur c. goodnow; maritime; morse; morse code
Downloads: 126
[texts]Telegraph And Telephone Age: Telegraphy-Telephony-Radio, (Jan. - Dec., 1917)
January 1, 1917 - December 16, 1917 "You brass pounders, sit up and take notice. Lift the lid of your brain cells and let in the light. What has been accomplished by others, is possible of duplication by yourself. Throw off the yoke of complacency and decide on a definite purpose. Then compel yourself to act accordingly and there is no limit to the heights you may attain. Persistency will lead you to victory...
Keywords: Telephone -- Periodicals; Telegraph -- Periodicals; Radio -- Periodicals; Telegraph; Radio; Telephone; Morse Code
Downloads: 14
[movies]Live Recording of an iCW NET - edited by aa0hw
This is a "live" recording of a qrq iCW NET that took place over the internet on 1-22-2011. There were 6 iCW ops in attendance. We use various means to send qrq cw audio tones to our computer soundcard inputs in order to send full duplex, high fidelity morse code audio tones over the internet to each other using the mumble voice chat program. All software is free. SEE: https://sites.google.com/site/icwoip/ for further information.
Keywords: iCW; internet cw; icwoip; cwoip; morse code over the internet; cw over the internet; mumble
Downloads: 854
[audio]QRT - Last Day of 500 kHz in France - Erik Ludwig, F9LT, ex- PA0LU, Ned Raub, W1RAN
A recording made in France by Erik Ludwig, F9LT (originally PA0LU) of 500 kHz ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship Morse Wireless Telegraphy made His friend Edward "Ned" Raub relates further: He said he'd caught "everything from TA to VO1." or from Turkey TAH to Newfoundland, Canada with stations like St. Anthony Coast Guard Radio. For my part (says Ned Raub), I recorded U.S coast stations, Faroes, Oslofjord, much else between dusk and 00 GMT here...
Keywords: morse code; ship; radio; telegraphy; 500 kHz; SOS; wt; wireless:n1ea
Downloads: 409
[audio]Thunderstorm, Rain and Morse Code from Bug - Edward A. McCarthy, W1YT, David J. Ring, Jr., N1EA
In the middle 1980s, former United States Coast Guard Radioman and well known radio amateur, Edward A. McCarthy was tuning the 7.0 MHz amateur radio bands at his amateur radio station in Florida when he came upon a conversation between two amateurs using continuous wave (CW) Morse radiotelegraphy. Since a tape recorder was nearby, he decided to record the conversation between David J. Ring, Jr., N1EA/MM (Maritime Mobile) who was sailing as Radio Officer in the Merchant Marine on the coastwise ta...
Keywords: Morse code; bug; vibroplex; storm; rain; radio officer; ship; QSO; W1YT; N1EA
Downloads: 1,859
[texts]Handbook for Radio Operators - The Post Office
Post Office Handbook for Radio Operators Her Majesty's Stationery Office 1975 Acrobat 7 Pdf 7.94 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Electronics; Wireless; Radiotelegram; Maritime; Ships; Distress; Frequency Bands; RDF; Morse Code
Downloads: 1,406
[software]EZCODE - Jerry W. Segers
EZCODE, a Morse Code practice program, written in BASIC for the IBM PC running MS-DOS.
Keywords: ibm pc; ms-dos; basic; ham; amateur radio; morse code; cw
Downloads: 4
[audio]Finn Jensen, OZ1HET operating HS0AC Radio Amateur Society of Thailand Station - David J. Ring, Jr., N1EA
Reception of HS0AC on August 29, 2012 on 21 MHz of Finn Jensen at the key as received by N1EA in Massachusetts. N1EA is using a side swiper and a semi-automatic McElroy key. Morse code.
Keywords: oz1het; hs0ac; n1ea; side swiper; sideswiper; mcelroy; key; morse code
Downloads: 313
[audio]qrq cw morse code over the internet on iCW sample - http://internetcw.weebly.com/
This is an example of QRQ CW, morse code, being sent over the internet using 3 free software programs. For more information go to: http://internetcw.weebly.com/
Keywords: iCW, cw over ip; internet cw; send morse code over the internet
Downloads: 1,673
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